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Experiencing The Bahamas And Barbados

Luxury holidays are one of the things that most people dream about. Honeymoons, anniversaries and other special occasions are often the reasons that many people consider taking a luxury holiday. However, there is no reason to wait for a special occasion in order to take that luxury trip that you have always dreamed about.

Planning a Luxury Holiday

Once you have decided to treat yourself to luxury travel, the first step is deciding upon a destination. There are, of course, many destinations from which to choose. Is there an area of the world that you have always wanted to visit? Do you have friends who have raved about their most recent luxury travel destination? When choosing your destination, these are things that can be helpful. There are, however, some traditional luxury holiday destinations that you may wish to consider.

The Bahamas


The Bahamas have long been a prime destination for luxury travel, and rightfully so. The Bahamas are breathtakingly beautiful, and offer so many different things for a visitor to enjoy. Whether your dream vacation involves sitting on the beach, scuba diving, snorkeling or enjoying the nightlife, the Bahamas definitely have a lot to offer.

The Bahamas are made up of a collection of islands, each of which offers a slightly different slice of the overall Bahamas experience. The larger main islands are popular cruise ship destinations. As such, if a luxury cruise is part of your overall holiday plans, the Grand Bahama Island or Nassau may well be your ultimate destination. Nassau, the capital of the Bahamas, is full of luxurious amenities and local culture. Combined with the breath-taking beauty of the nearby beaches and overall landscape, the bustling, exciting nightlife, casinos and luxury resorts make the New Providence island a prime destination for any luxury holiday.

Grand Bahama Island is another popular luxury destination. This island has something for everyone. Luxurious upscale resorts, spectacular beaches and expansive national parks are just a few of the reasons that so many people consider the Grand Bahama Island to be a little slice of heaven. If diving and snorkeling are on your “must do” list, the Grand Bahama Island is home to one of the largest and most environmentally unique underwater cave systems in the world.

If a romantic getaway on a quiet island is more in line with your vision of the perfect luxury vacation, the smaller “Bahamas Out Islands” may be more your style. Perfect for relaxing and reconnecting, these smaller islands offer visitors enticing opportunities for dining, diving, and just plain relaxing. Some people consider these smaller islands to be the “real Bahamas”, due to the fact that they offer visitors a glimpse of true Caribbean life. If your idea of a luxury vacation includes high-rise hotels, casinos and cruise ships, the Out Islands may not be your style. However, if off-the-beaten-path activities and secluded destinations are what you seek, you will definitely not be disappointed. These islands include Bimini, Cat Island, Harbour Island and the Abacos, among many others.



Barbados, located in the eastern Caribbean, is another popular destination for the luxury cruise ship lines. Many people consider cruising to be the ultimate in luxury holiday travel. In fact, a cruise ship is practically a luxury holiday destination in of itself. If your cruise includes Barbados as a destination, or if you choose to travel to Barbados via other means, the area definitely has a lot to offer the luxury holiday traveler.

The spectacular white sand beaches that go on for miles and miles are just one of the beautiful features that make the Barbados a popular holiday destination. Snorkeling, diving, surfing or windsurfing are popular activities to enjoy, along with simply sunbathing on the beautiful beaches. Opportunities to enjoy the finest in golfing also abound in Barbados. Whether you wish to plan some exciting sightseeing tours or you just want to get away to a secluded spot of the island so that you can reconnect and relax, you will find just what you desire in Barbados.

hotelIf you are looking for luxurious resort areas, the west and south island coasts are the places to be. The west coast, known as the “Gold Coast”, is home to many upscale hotels. The west coast is the perfect holiday destination if you desire a luxury experience at a bit of a slower pace. If you crave the excitement of a bustling nightlife, the south coast is the place to be. Nightclubs and restaurants are just a part of the excitement that you will find on the south coast. If you are planning a romantic getaway and desire a more secluded setting, the northern end of the island may be just what you are looking for.